If you are heading a department or organisation, you may be convinced into signing agreements containing hidden agenda.

You will have great relief from tedious work as you find some of your colleagues willing to share your burden.

People in your circle will realise that you have changed your working style contributing to improvement in the atmosphere at the workplace.

Perfect planning and effective implementation will guide your activity of the day.  You may visit spiritual places.

You will exhibit leadership qualities to the best of your abilities. You may receive pleasant communications from superiors over pending monetary benefits.

You will realise that you need to speed up the activity for furthering your career or consolidating professional achievements.

You may be making rounds to law-enforcing agencies or legal counsel to provide explanations or seek details on issues suffocating you.

You had better keep a watch on your BP or sugar levels to prevent highs or lows. Don’t get excited for each and every thing happening around you.

Your confidence levels will reach peaks and the fear of being haunted by professional rivals will evaporate into thin air during the day.

Fed up with regular overload of professional work, you may feel the inability to balance it with domestic chores.

You may not be conscious of the doings of the people surrounding you but you should respect the opinion of well-wishers when they explain your source of troubles.

Are you stuck up with pre-conceived notions? It seems you are well-prepared with readymade answers to suit all types of questions emanating from people around you.