As the Sun begins losing strength, you will feel dull as you fail to reach expectations. People who see you as a protector and catalyst in bringing about changes may think that you are helpless and can’t move forward in your endeavours.

It can be a special day for you. As Mars and Saturn continue their relationship, you may hear good news about one of your colleagues or friends being elevated to a higher position. You will enjoy a peaceful day at home and also at your workplace.

It seems you have once again changed your opinion on key issues going against your earlier stance. You will find a plethora of reasons in support of changing opinions forcing others to see them as logical. But clearly, people around will find your arguments illogical.

For each and everything, you may turn emotional sulking at times and elating at times. The problem with you is that you tend to force others to think as you think and act as you act. How can it be possible?

It seems you are worried about repeated failures. You may be in the habit of linking your problems with each other, aren’t you? So far, you might have failed to view and treat each problem differently. Try solving each problem in a different manner in tune with its intensity.

The day is good to buy new clothes, jewellery or even vehicles. If you have been thinking along those lines, initiate your steps at least. However, if you are planning to exchange an old vehicle for a new one, wait further.

You may not mind working hard to reach targets. You may feel you are energetic enough to keep things moving despite all odds. But the only problem with you is that you take decisions on the spur of the moment.

Love matters will rob your time. Your efforts to establish seriousness into a relationship will succeed and you will receive appreciation from your partner. The day may sow seeds for strengthening and shaping up your future relationship.

As you are tied up with a plethora of problems, you may fail in deciding on priorities. Confusion will rule your mind as you fail to convince people around into falling in line. There will be fewer people to buy your arguments.

At the workplace, you will face stiff opposition to your ideas or actions. If you are heading an organisation, you may become the subject of discussion among employees. The day’s celestial influences show that your general relations may be affected badly. You may look dull and uninspiring the whole day.

Entertaining ideas of resuming one of your abandoned old habits, you may visit a race course or betting centres teaming up with old friends. You may think of recovering old speculative losses by indulging in more speculation. But that day can make you a loser.

Knowing that you are at fault, you will thoroughly oppose your brothers or sisters on issues of domestic importance. You are likely to hurt them with intransigent and illogical arguments. You will end the day with thorough disappointment.