You may hear ungraceful things about partners forcing you to feel you have wasted money and energy in their association. Unflinching faith in unreliable friends may have led to this situation. Know that right friends and right decisions are the need of the hour.

Financially, things will improve for you. By hook or crook, you will ensure that your commitments are fulfilled. Arrival of hand loans from friends and other well-wishers is very much indicated. But how long can you survive on hand loans and bank loans? You should involve yourself in revenue generation activity.

Thinking that you are working hard in your sphere of activity, you may feel you have not yet reached the position you deserve. As acquaintances try to change your thought process, you may gain more popularity through their help.

The day can be one of the worst days in recent times. You will hear things that you don’t want to hear. At a time when you are appreciated for keeping things neat, you may learn that untidiness has crept into your activity.

Do you feel that you have become a loner? Your feelings may be genuine and you may find reasons for entertaining such feelings. But it seems you have become too materialistic in thought process and your failure to treat the people around as your own men and women may flare up the emotions of others.

You will hear good things on the financial front and this will keep you confident and energetic. Positive vibrations in mind will keep you glued to on-going initiatives and you will make yourself highly presentable. You will talk sense and see logic in what others say.

You will find things moving very fast for you in the most unusual way. Your business or professional activity may get a big boost with the active support of friends or colleagues. Things may begin for you on a dull note, but as the day progresses, you will find speedy developments taking place.

You will also continue to experience the imbalance in revenues and expenditure and your efforts to bring about a balance between the two may not yield results.

The day’s celestial influences may force you to cancel one of your business agreements or an important appointment. Your other operations will also move at a snail’s pace as you struggle to meet the day’s commitments.

Your financial position may show signs of improvement. Your efforts to meet long-pending commitments will yield results and you will find support forthcoming to on-going initiatives. You will stun people around with newly acquired confidence.

You may be highly generous in attitude and show interest in meeting people involved in charity or NGO activity. A strong idea of togetherness may replace tenets of selfishness in your thought process. You will begin to respect team efforts.

You will find people to guide you and put your initiatives on the right track. You will realise the fact there is a long gap between your initiatives and resources and you need solid support to move ahead. Someone may suggest you need to be more practical.