You will be eager to dictate terms and conditions to men and women working under you. As you are always royal and dignified in your activity, you will look very soft in conveying your message but your message may be very tough and ruthless.

As your ruling entity Venus moves in debilitation zone Virgo, you may witness sort of unrest at home running into arguments and counter-arguments with spouse and other members of family. Somebody at home may question your attitude and the way you are conducting yourself.

You and your followers will surely see the tide blowing in your favour. People will also feel happy to see you in a changed role. Throughout the day, you will remain highly confident in most respects.

You may want to be more aggressive in dealing with people but with retrograde Mercury joining a weak Venus, you may choose another path. Instead of being aggressive, you may try to be tactful. This is, in fact, good for your prosperity.

You may feel you are right in every respect as you deal with people but it would be difficult for others to believe you. You may come across people who try to influence you in a biased manner against some others well known to you. Keep off such characters to keep your character intact and great.

With retrograde Mercury set to join debilitated Venus, your children may come to terms with you. But be patient to ensure that they don’t change their decisions. Just because they are not intelligent like you, it may be wrong on your part to dwell on their wrong doings.

With debilitated Sun influencing your ruling quarters, you may be under the influence of people going against traditions and customs. Feeling that nobody is caring for you at home or workplace, you may seek advice from friends.

You will feel you are on top of the world. You will aim high and try to achieve big things. But you will come across people who irritate you in the course of your efforts. You must stand on your resolve without falling prey to provocations that irritate you.

Have you set your priorities? It seems you are only waiting for things to materialise. You may become possessive of things which you feel are yours. You may not care for what others say about you but you will want to go your own way.

The day’s celestial influences are most suitable for reviewing your activity. Make an assessment of your financial standing and income and expenditure. The review may reveal that you are becoming stronger day by day in your activity.

You will have an exciting day with more and more people showing keenness to associate with you to further their interests. If you are a fine arts performer, two or more people may approach you for their new projects.

Your confidence levels will be up as you feel that you are of immense use to people around you. Your strategic silence on controversial issues concerning friends will heighten your image and widen your circle of friends.