You may be worried with more strains trespassing into strained relations with siblings. Despite entertaining strong feelings that you are not at fault, you may try to set right things and restore normalcy by mingling with brothers and sisters at family functions or events.

The day looks best in terms of getting back what you have lost in recent times. If you have lost gold jewellery and lodged a police complaint, you may hear something positive about it. If you have given hand loans to friends, you will get back your funds.

Are you ready to face criticism that you are not sharing the burden of domestic work? Your spouse or some elderly person at home may say you are not sparing enough time for domestic issues. Your spouse may find fault with you for leaving the entire burden on her.

Spare enough time to discuss issues with spouse and family elders to arrive at peaceful solutions. Try to give up intransigence and be flexible to take right decisions on a priority basis. You will surely find peaceful solutions to nagging property issues.

If you are moving among a big circle of friends, a few of them may take advantage of your generous attitude and try to mislead you in financial matters. Being generous is highly appreciable but it should also serve intended purposes.

You will enjoy complete financial freedom and peace at home. But you may run into unexpected expenditure due to misdeeds of college-going youngsters or younger siblings. There may also be shopping visits to jewellery or furniture showrooms to make additions.

Confidence and tact will guide the day and you will strive to impart unlimited bouts of energy into your actions. Despite having many friends around you, you may try to make new friends, especially with people working in the business field. You will be in a mood to seek support and favors from others.

Fitness matters will suddenly interest you and you may take a break from busy schedules. If you are a celebrity, you may be on the lookout for proper fitness trainers and make a plethora of inquiries for the right pick.

You may be a victim of imagination and hypocritical appreciation by sycophants surrounding you. When will you learn to sense reality? If you continue to depend on unworthy people for selfish and wrong reasons, you may land in deep trouble sooner than later.

You will be more open in responding to settlement offers if you are a financial defaulter. The offers may be tempting but don’t be in a hurry to take immediate decisions that would again push you into more trouble.

You may be in for some pleasant surprises at the workplace with your workmanship suddenly gaining demand and higher officials entrusting you with more key tasks. You may get busy by participating in important meetings wherein your views will be given prominence.

This is a good day for cementing family, social and work relations. Younger siblings may visit you or call you to convey important news. They may talk straight to sort out strained issues or to seek cooperation on domestic problems.