While you may not be willing to relax your stance on issues, you would not be tired of asking others to fall in line with you. You may also be in the habit of faulting others while you continue to make mistake after mistake. Your close friends may point out your flaws.

If you are involved in daily revenue-fetching activity, you will find a steep fall in your revenues. Your activity may also invite public controversy causing you embarrassment. Ensure that you are on the right path.

Graph of your daily revenues will go up vertically and you will continue to make money in multiple ways. Your son or daughter staying abroad and pursuing higher studies may communicate on his / her pending arrival. You will think of several plans to buttress family financial status.

You would be able to convince people of your business acumen and win favours from bankers. If a loan application of yours is pending, you may hear good things. If you are participating in competitive events, you will come out with flying colours. The day will turn out to be productive.

You may feel it has become a routine for your spouse to protest that you are not paying attention to provide her proper health care. You may feel you are accustomed to hearing such complaints but you are advised to take such complaints seriously and do something about them before they assume serious proportions.

Avoid consuming allergic food and visiting unhygienic places. Your frequent suffering from food poisoning could have stemmed from uncontrolled food habits. You are strictly advised to follow a rigorous food schedule to keep yourself fit.

Presence of Mars in the celestial zone of responsibilities will turn you cunning. You may look for ways unethical and illegal to enhance financial status. Develop sane thinking and think of ethical ways.

It seems you are trying to depend on a woman or more members of the fair sex to enhance your worth and value. But the people you deal with may be more commercial-minded than you. Despite initial bonhomie between you, you may run into hiccups later on.

It looks as if you have tuned your mind to experience some romantic moments. But your work pressures speak differently and you may cancel a date with your loved one. If it is a repeated act, you may be in for trouble and there is scope for your intentions getting misconstrued.

Have you assumed a new role in good faith? The way you have been conducting yourself in the new role will attract criticism. You should take care to ensure that people cooperating with you in discharge of your duties do not make controversial statements.

Brimming with full confidence and energy the whole day, you will finish your tasks well in advance of given deadlines. You may think you have achieved a feat and can go home early. But you may be entrusted with some other tasks to your dismay.

Your services will continue to be on demand if you are related to a creative field. You will be running out of time in sticking to schedules, and in the process, you may be under pressure to skip one or two of your lucrative projects.