Do you feel that you have strained your relations with your spouse? You may be in a mood to strive to locate your next partner. If you are involved in business, you may go through hard times with customers or partners.

There may be disturbing news from people staying on a foreign soil. A close relative of yours may pour out his / her woes just to have some sort of mental relief. If you are a businessperson having branches in distant places, a situation may arise forcing you to undertake a sudden trip to set right disturbing things.

With celestial honour zones receiving heavy malefic influence, you will have to move with people who would be out to disgrace you. If you are attending seminars or official meetings, there can be deviation in discussions and you may be the butt of criticism for various reasons.

As Jupiter squares your ruling quarters, peace and happiness will rule your mind. You will feel blissful and blessed with all good things happening to you. You will face adverse situations but you can tackle them effortlessly without feeling the pinch of adversity.

This could be an eventful day if you are related to the media in any sort. A big and worthy assignment is on your way for your good. If you are a budding writer or poet, the day’s developments could be a stepping stone for your future career.

Professional or personal tours are on the anvil. If you are sick, you will considerably improve your health and think of undertaking journeys. At home, you will find youngsters, especially girls, vigorously pursuing academic interests.

With Venus moving in the coolest regions of the zodiac, you need to shed aggressive nature and short-temperament at the workplace. As the day’s influences are likely to test your patience, don’t indulge in irrelevant arguments or statements.

Is one of your family members sick and causing you dismay with frequent illness? You will find a way to come out of this. You may hear about a physician who can be sympathetic and treat the patient on humanitarian considerations.

Did you ever expect that one of your hobbies can become a source of livelihood? There are chances that someone may come out with a proposal suggesting commercialisation of your hobby in return for a reward.

Despite your bank balance going down, fulfilling commitments won’t be a problem for you. However, expected arrival of funds from various sources may be delayed causing a strain on your further plans. Your indiscipline could be one of the reasons for this.

This can be a day of inspiration and you may be inspired by people close to you. You may come to know of people who struggled initially but attained success finally on their initiatives. You will be guided into thinking positively and acting judiciously on your intentions.

The day provides relief if you are involved in legal disputes. If you are seeking a clean chit from concerned agencies, you may get it. If you are expecting judgement from a court of law, it may go in your favour. If you are a judicial official, you will have a hectic day.