This can be a day of revival of hopes for you. Your father or a fatherly person at home may inspire you

The day is good for you if you are thinking of dealing with bigger projects. You may undertake small journeys to religious places with family 

Entertainment activity and partying may rob your time and divert you from main activity

 You may be holding a big secret but you will be in two minds on revealing it to others. Don’t think too much of as it restrains you from deciding

You may not succeed in convincing people into falling in line with you. Still, thinking positively, you may try to remove misconceived and preconceived notions from your mind

 The day’s influences suggest that you will fully succeed in your attempts and end the day on a happy note. You will begin process of rebuilding your relations

Be steadfast on your ideas and initiatives and move ahead with your projects with good confidence for achieving success

Spousal issues may grab your attention but you may not make much headway in arriving at key decisions

With excellent planning and preparedness, you will overcome all obstacles coming your way in furthering your career

You will get an opportunity to stand up to your reputation. You will feel elated with sure success and end the day on a happy note

Be sensitive to your eating habits but you should be flexible or rigid to change them or stick to them as and when necessary to protect your physical and mental health

Your name and fame will shoot up thanks to achievements of family members, most probably girls at home