Friends may feel you are a master in your sphere of activity and you have the art of explaining things in simple and lucid ways. If you are a teacher, you may attend school-related events where your ability to explain things will keep everyone hooked to your speech.

You may be the best judge of your attitude and that of your family members. But you may tend to ignore your weaknesses and the influences of others working on you. You may face instances wherein you may be carried away by others’ suggestions.

Your creative and innovative skills would be at their best and you may think of launching new initiatives even as your old projects or ventures are half-way through. You may try to abandon one of your old initiatives or re-launch it with revised plans amending it wherever necessary.

The day favours you fully in financial matters and you will get what you expect to get. You will succeed in fulfilling pending commitments at one go. There will also be good news from far and near over financial matters.

If you are on long-distance travel, you will reach your destination on time. If you are on a business trip to clinch agreements, you will successfully fulfil ambitions. You will make new friends without your involvement and this may be helpful to reach new goals.

Are long-pending tasks worrying you? Your friends may invite you to events but you would do better by skipping them and concentrating on work. It would be better if you realise the need of prioritising your necessities.

You may be deeply immersed in efforts to invest idle funds in revenue generation activity. But what are your options for investments? Make sure that your hard-earned money would not go into organisations or people with questionable credentials.

Memories of college-going days will keep you glued to the past as you want to meet some of your old pals and share good and bad with them. You would be determined to establish contact with at least one or two of them, and in the process, you may get busy with your mobile.

Trust and suspicion will play hide and seek with your attitude. You will begin to suspect people who you think are loyal to you till the other day. Your attitude will be totally different and people can easily recognise this.

But as you maintain hypocritical postures outwardly, it won’t be difficult for others to know that you have already begun adopting dual roles and working silently on hidden strategies. You will work with a mixture of secrecy and shrewdness.

You may be craving for attaining higher status in your sphere of activity but you may not be sure of the steps you should take. First make sure that proper resources are at your disposal to achieve your objectives instantly.

It seems small kids are entertaining you at home with their fumbling steps. Make it sure they are left under somebody’s care for their safety. Guests may arrive with gifts to see your kids or you may visit kids at friends’ houses carrying gifts.