If you are on a short journey, ensure that your siblings will accompany you. If you are on a long journey to a religious place for the first time, there will be cooperation from known and unknown people.

You may be sure now that you can give up your short-cut methods and be more forthcoming in your opinions. If you are a responsible official dealing with medical policies, you may change rules.

You may be in disturbed mood with your investment decisions facing question marks. Either, your decisions may have run into controversies or you must be facing stumbling blocks in finalising deals. The day may start and end with disappointment and you may be restless with no immediate solution in sight.

You will have a clear idea on solving your growing financial problems. As you entertain hopes of a bright future for you, your bigger problems will look smaller for you. You will end the day on a happy note.

Are you in confusion over your secondary activity? There might be moments wherein you tend to think that you have made a major blunder by deviating from your main profession.

You may feel that your partner is hiding something or not revealing the truth for unknown reasons. But you are advised not to think too much of it as your partner might reveal it to you at the most appropriate time. Don’t form opinions in a hurry.

Subjected to temptations, it would surely be difficult for you to resist. If you have planned shopping and allot a certain budget for it, stick to it when you visit your favoured shop. There may be the latest versions of items which may tempt you and you may exceed your budget.

You need to work hard with strong determination to succeed in your initiatives. With the Moon getting squared by Mars and Jupiter, you will face many obstacles in your activity. Don’t panic but try to face them with grit, determination and diplomacy to establish your dedication.

You will be an inspiration to several of your friends. Somebody may say that you are a rare personality displaying rare qualities. The day will keep you in your elements and you will go ahead and render help to friends. People would be amazing at your philosophical outlook and helping nature.

You may be under tremendous pressure at the workplace. It may be natural for you to feel that you are working hard and achieving targets step by step but your higher-ups may still be expressing displeasure at your working style.

You may get busy on social media platforms to revive your contacts or you may visit old friends who were instrumental in shaping up your relationships for good or bad. Your thought-process would be right.

Your old friends may play new roles and come to your rescue in an intriguing situation. With their help, you may accomplish your long pending tasks. You will meet important personalities as you discharge your professional chores.