The day’s celestial influences may result in aggressiveness, acrimonious arguments and counter arguments straining relations with colleagues. But don’t think that you can work forever in such an ambience.

If you are an independent professional, your services may be on demand. You may get clear indications that more and more influential people, especially from those in official circles, are showing genuine interest to make use of your services.

With Venus making inroads into your accumulated savings, financial pressures may keep haunting you. You may be really worried over failure on timely repayment of loan instalments. But your efforts to reschedule loans may succeed partially.

Aiming at new targets, you may tend to multiply efforts to consolidate goodwill in society and worth and value in your activity. Devising ways to enhance image among relatives, friends and at work place, you may walk the extra mile to befriend everyone.

Finding the day unproductive and unrewarding, you may feel you have become a victim of deviations. Moving in the company of people with questionable credentials, you might have deviated from the main activity and participated in extra curricular activity which is of no use to you.

Pleasant surprises may keep you busy and you may bump into professional rivals at events or meetings. Their efforts to talk to you may keep you embarrassed. But you are advised to take their gestures in the right spirit and reciprocate in good spirit.

Try to keep off men and women of questionable nature. Think of spiritual issues and visit spiritual places for mental peace. Move with a positive and peaceful mind.

You will see contradictions emerging on issues resulting in uncertainty and you may not know your role for certain. For a while, you may feel things have come to a standstill all of a sudden.

Don’t you think it is time for you to learn from the people around? Spend time deeply assessing how you have failed to take a leaf from the success book of others. You might have seen several people planning and transforming their lives successfully.

You may be on a mission to change the scenario in your chosen field and set new trends. You can be sure in your heart that what you are doing is right for the people around. Still, you can spare time to listen to suggestions from others to improve things and attain perfection.

Your communications will have full clarity and conversations will be blessed with charm and enthusiasm. Your earnings will continue to be on the higher side. Moving with a positive attitude, you will maintain a high profile. You will begin and end the day on a satisfactory note.

The day will help you retrieve things which you have lost in recent times. If you have lost new communication equipment, you may get it back. If you have lost hopes of getting loans from banks, there will be indications reviving your hopes.