Happiness at home and good understanding with colleagues at the workplace will keep you elated and on a high pedestal. You will feel blessed with the fumbling steps of kids at home and their little achievements will make you proud. Visits to religious places are possible.

If you are heading an organisation, you may not know what exactly is happening at the workplace and who is doing what. Try to differentiate personal issues from professional issues.

There may be enquiries from cousins or siblings abroad about the welfare of your parents. You will find appreciation pouring in for taking utmost care of parents.

It may be hectic for you as your priority list is lengthy. Meeting friends from the opposite sex and keeping commitments could be a top priority. You may go shopping emptying pockets or visit long-distance places just for their sake.

Disagreement with brothers or sisters on family property issues may keep you dispirited. At the workplace, you may disagree with colleagues on tackling technical issues. You will find that your arguments are unable to convince others.

You may have a lot of promises to fulfil for people at home but your resources may look small. Your efforts to instill confidence among near and dear ones may seem convincing for some but others may feel that you are moving away from realistic tendencies and traditional tenets.

With a plethora of problems haunting you, you will look for perennial solutions. The adage that necessity is the mother of invention will be fully applicable for your activity. As you try to make amendments to your behaviour, you will mingle with people who you once thought were not of any use to you.

You will be a powerful mix of royalty and sweet talk in nature but your attitude will be submissive. Maintaining a low profile, you may take the views of others seriously. Being very humble, you will prefer to respect the opinions of others while you may not care whether or not others are respecting your opinions.

For good or bad, you may be on an assurance-giving spree to people around you. As ruling entity Jupiter keeps control on your intelligence, you will gain full strength and confidence to do things as per your will and pleasure not minding the pros and cons.

Arguments and misunderstandings may raise tempers high but you can avoid them by maintaining cool and presence of mind. Allow others to talk more in interactions and try to grasp their intentions. React later at your convenience.

Is somebody in the family defying you or somebody at the workplace not caring for you and for your directions? Try to do something that interests them or take initiative to meet their requirements uninvited.

As Mars consolidates its position in Gemini, you will continue to gain confidence and courage. You may now feel that it is the right time to pour out your feelings in full against professional rivals.