The day’s celestial influences indicate that you will be specially chosen by higher-ups to finish certain difficult tasks. And the good thing is you would be ready to accept new tasks.

Don’t get offended if one of your friends tells you that frequenting your social media page to assess reactions to your comments can be sort of a disease. You may turn yourself into a psychic patient.

Your concern would be on moving closer to people working in higher echelons. In the process of consolidating your position further, you may think of seeking favors.

You may think you are right in your decisions and actions despite others highlighting your mistakes. Even your family members and friends may fault you for your irrational and irrelevant statements. If you are a public personality, your reputation may take a beating with your wrongful assertions.

Being financially sound, you may come forward to help them and you are likely to spend most of your day with friends. The day will boost up your spirits as you receive long-distance phone calls.

If you are planning to pursue higher studies or an affluent career abroad, you will receive favourable news. Aged and influential people who are spiritually inclined will come in contact with you. You will begin and end the day on a happy note.

With the Moon moving in inimical parts of the zodiac, one of your top secrets may be out to your embarrassment. You may be busy finding out the persons or circumstances responsible for leaking your secrets rather than opting for introspection on what you have done.

You will realise that your delay has caused immense loss to your name and fame and further procrastination is not warranted. Suddenly, you will begin to see a ray of hope ahead of you.

If you are handling explosive substances, or working in industries, or journeying to remote places in hilly areas or forest locations, you are advised to keep distance from boilers, dangerous electrical equipment and deep pits.

It seems you have been undervaluing yourself due to a plethora of reasons. However, with Jupiter controlling things in your relations zone, you may think of flaunting your superiority when you are part of a group.

You may find that restrictions are being imposed on your mindset with people around trying to impose their will on you. With the attitude indicator Mars still moving in retrogression, you are bound to turn more dependent on others.

The day can bring about major changes if you are a legal professional. If you are an advocate, you may review your activity and prescribe a new set of self-made rules and regulations on accepting further cases. You may also decide in favour of giving up your advocacy in one of your on-going cases. You will draw pleasure from your decisions.