Plenty of opportunities will unveil before you and you may play with the idea of making fresh investments or disposing off your old investments to turn them into liquid cash. Your thought-process may revolve around getting higher returns.

Your morale will be high and your services will receive proper recognition. As Sun guards your communication skills, there may be meetings with higher officials on your new responsibilities and on your future role. The day’s developments may please your spouse and family members.

You will have plenty of time to attend to love matters and personal issues. If you are involved in live-in relationship or love matters, you may hear strange proposals from your partner. You may be under pressure to accept them against your wishes and interests.

Romance and vague thoughts will no longer guide your love matters. There will be no room for emotions and passions and you will try to see the commercial side of your engagements. You will have great ideas about your future.

You will successfully remove the irritants that have strained your relations in recent times. Since you are now in the know of reasons that brought the unnecessary gap, try to ensure that no such things are repeated in future.

It can be a day of great elation and mutual appreciation among friends. One of your close friends or cousins may inform you of his remarkable achievements in his sphere of activity. You may feel great about his achievements and find it apt to celebrate the occasion.

As you begin the day, you may drift into an uncomfortable zone and there may be trouble awaiting you. Your rebellious attitude may highlight your weaknesses and show you in poor light. Your questionable attitude may attain new parameters and others may consider this as an extremity.

Arrival of new household items or electronic gadgets is on the anvil. You may go shopping for purchase new items to replace the old ones. The lion’s share of your day’s expenditure may go for dresses of your children and spouse and new communication paraphernalia.

You will find the day most comfortable and convenient to launch your initiatives that you have kept pending all these days. You will learn that plenty of resources are at your disposal and it is high time that you initiated action.

Your eagerness to finish tasks fast may surprise others at the workplace. But your colleagues or team members may be slow or a part of the equipment you deal with may face technical breakdowns. Your efforts to rejuvenate their spirits may fail.

The day is favourable for expanding your network. If you are related to public life or working with NGOs, it will be hectic for you. New members or activists may join your entity or you may undertake short travels seeking support from new members.

It seems you have intentionally fallen silent after creating a ruckus at the workplace over recent happenings. People around may not like your imposed silence at a time when everyone is hopeful of your efforts yielding proper results.