You will continue to work in a defying mode not minding the consequences. People around may see that you are not learning new lessons either from experience or from happenings in your vicinity.

This can be the most suitable day for you to receive or present gifts. If you are in the habit of presenting gifts to men and women with decision-making abilities, present one to the most favoured person to keep him / her in good humour and to receive favours in future.

You may entrust some of your ongoing tasks to others. If newly joined persons are still associated with your activity, you should be extra careful in handing over the tasks to others. You will find things going smoothly for you.

Are you worried that some of your friends have turned inimical to you? You may be treated as an enemy by friends despite the fact that you are treating them as best friends. You may realise this all of a sudden but the misunderstandings might be there for long forcing your pals to change their attitude.

People who have earlier rejected your offers or proposals may accept them to your surprise. If you are involved in efforts to procure bank loans for your initiatives, you will find the files moving in your favour. You will receive positive news from friends.

Small incidents which are not related to you may show you in poor light. People around may try to make you responsible for unsavoury events downgrading your image. Are you not feeling the pinch due to the adversity of circumstances around you?

Creativity will mark your thought process and you will reform yourself. You may shed adherence to rules and go for relaxation. You will know a small relaxation will give big relief to family members at home and colleagues at workplace.

You will be receptive to opinions of family members and quick in responding to their needs. There will be shopping visits for buying new dresses or entertainment visits in the evening for relaxation. In the process, you may keep your spiritual interests pending for a while.

The day’s celestial influences can bring recognition to your organising skills. As Moon keeps company of debilitated Sun in Libra, higher-ups may entrust you with more responsibilities for troubleshooting key issues. If you are involved in public life, your organisation may ask you to handle a nauseating social problem. You will find the day hectic.

It can turn out to be a demanding day from your school-going son or daughter. They may come out with new demands for mobile phones or other electronic items making bigger holes in your bank balance. If you have enough funds, fulfilling their demands and keeping them happy is your prime responsibility.

As your ruling entity Saturn continues to remain custodian of your body and soul, you will find people trying to move close to you. But the problem is you may fall prey to people who try to corrupt you and seek favors from you. Come what may, don’t try to give up your nature and commitment to principles.

You may entertain the idea of opting for a new vehicle replacing the old one. You would be obsessed with your idea and your efforts to pool up resources may seem yielding results instantly. You will have a productive day.