With your ruling entity Mars set to be squared by Mercury for the week ahead, celestial influences may force you to see a skin specialist. As you begin the week, you may experience symptoms of skin allergy to your dismay. Mid-week, you may buy more problems if you continue to neglect the issue. Keep off short or long-distance journeys.

With your ruling entity Venus set to be squared by Jupiter and Mars for a few more days, you may turn envious of colleagues and even siblings. In the process of establishing supremacy, you may look for ways to keep them subdued in most respects. While discussing various ideas with friends and well-wishers, you may also think of undertaking a pending visit.

With half of the celestial entities throwing their influence on your ruling quarters, you must be on cloud nine this week. Your confidence levels will be high as you feel that your recent initiatives are giving results as expected. Your initiatives will enchant people around and provide new opportunities for them. Now, you may become a role model. You will feel elated.

With Jupiter set to shower its blessings on your ruling quarters for the week ahead, you will find it highly beneficial. If you are a big businessperson, new associations will keep you positive. Your marketing team may exceed the targets through innovative methods. You may participate in events wherein you will steal the limelight.

As Jupiter guards your conjugal happiness, spousal relations will be at their best for you this week. Your spouse may come out with innovative and adventurous ideas and seek your consent for his / her business initiatives. If he or she is already involved in business activity, there may be discussions on expansion. You may undertake a visit to extend moral support to your spouse.

Squaring of your ruling entity Mercury by Mars and Jupiter will keep you hectic at workplace this week. But you may fall short of reaching targets and higher-ups may give you an earful. At home, you may conceal the humiliation and no one would be able to find it. But you will miss some important functions or events as the direct fallout of happenings at office.

As your ruling entity Venus continues to receive multiple influences, you may find the week productive. If your promotion and pay hike are due at workplace, you may hear something about it midweek. If you are a government employee and expecting papers to arrive on transfer or promotion, it may materialise. If you are expecting to clinch big deals, you may succeed.

The weekly celestial influences may unfold multi-dimensional activity for you. You may be planning several things though you are not proficient in all of them. This is the reason for your quickly changing decisions. You have to channelise your energies in a particular sphere in which you are proficient. Don’t poke your fingers in everything that you come across.

Squaring of ruling entity Jupiter by multiple celestial entities may help you opt for your priorities clearly. You may be wondering at the flow of opportunities coming your way all of a sudden. You will know that your efforts to have a change of place have not gone waste. But, are you ready to take the plunge? Assess pros and cons before you decide on your next move.

Your old friends are likely to meet you this week. If you have lost something valuable at home or at an entertainment event in recent times, you may get it back after midweek. As you are fascinated by bigger homes enriched with proper facilities and ventilation, you may visit luxurious residences to fix deals for your next dwelling place.

With Mars continuing to move in retrogression influencing your intelligence, you may be branded as vindictive by some people around and rebellious by some others. You may be enjoying the developments but you should also think of possible consequences in the days ahead. If you are vindictive, don’t be too open and if you are not, send out signals that you are affable.

With your ruling entity Jupiter getting squared by multiple celestial entities, you may feel you need to sharpen your creativity this week. But it may not be useful at workplace. If you are making use of your creative talents, you can nurture your skill into a fully grown activity. You will find all-round encouragement from friends and well-wishers.