With Saturn influencing your ruling quarters, you may be confused and the developments over the last two days must have disturbed you mentally. You would be put to face a litmus test on abilities to tackle gauntlets thrown by partners.

As Jupiter and Mars flank your ruling quarters, bigger planning will be your forte and you may be under pressure to revise financial commitments and plans for the next few days. You may think of going slow on fresh initiatives to meet financial pressure.

A little effort on your part will produce voluminous results over your initiatives. If you have purposefully delayed a meeting with higher officials for any reason all these days, try to finish it off as the day’s celestial influences are poised to favour you in official relations.

As Mercury eyes your ruling quarters, you will be under pressure to decide on purchasing a dwelling unit. You may face more opposition at home to your procrastinating methods. It may be a surprise for you that your spouse has already made inquiries on dwelling units available for sale.

Are you a public personality interacting with people frequently on important occasions? With Sun eyeing your ruling quarters, you will realise that you have blundered on an important task entrusted by higher-ups at the workplace.

You may feel jinxed that there is no support for you at your workplace or in your professional pursuits. There may be more pressure on you from higher-ups on one side and from colleagues on the other.

With Southern Node controlling your celestial family, things will slow down for you. The day’s celestial influences are such that your travels will be delayed due to several reasons. If you are attending a meeting, it will take off very late due to organising blues.

Your natural energies will be back as you tend to adopt time-tested old planning methods to succeed in initiatives. If you are working for the government, you will try to experiment with methods adopted by predecessors.

With exalted Moon coming under Northern Node’s influence, your experience and expertise may not help you solve a major problem relating to mother. The day may not provide you relief that you are expecting at home or workplace.

Do you know that you have pushed yourself into a world of confusion deeply confusing others too? You may think that you have become stronger than ever through your actions but others may fail to see logic.

With multiple entities influencing the celestial zone of your aspirations, you may hear encouraging news from near and dear ones staying on a foreign soil. If you have a strained spousal relationship, you will learn that your spouse is trying to mend ways to stop the bickering.

Spousal affections will fully rob your time and you may attend a neighbourly function with your spouse as a matter of formal courtesy. If your spouse is away from you, you will spend most of your day on a journey or speaking on your mobile.