As realisation dawns upon you, you will feel you can no longer ignore lessons learnt from others. Learning that teamwork is important, you may take a vow not to ignore people who stood by you in difficult times.

If you are involved in love matters, you will dare to take forward your love. Shedding hesitation, you may think of proposing openly to your heartthrob. That would be the best way to put your love matters on the right track. Discuss love matters with parents.

Celestial influences of the week will push you into introspection over your last week’s decisions and you may withdraw or slow down on some of them. You’ll think of amending some of your decisions.

Visiting places and meeting knowledgeable personalities may become one of your top priorities. If you are heading an organisation, you may try to involve some of your staff members also in spiritual activity. There will be meaningful discussions.

Precise planning will guide you on timely meeting of financial commitments. You will move with confidence on mobilising funds for your initiatives but people around will continue to watch you with surprise. Concerns of people around will also be your concerns.

It can be a special week for you in terms of professional relationships. Men and women of significance may contact you seeking your services and you may reverse one or two of your earlier decisions to please friends. You may do this as part of your efforts to consolidate and widen your professional network.

Trying to be a different person, you will feel you are really attached to others at home. You will find it necessary to respect family elders and honour their word. At the workplace, you will find it apt to take guidance from seniors to finish tasks on hand.

This may surely be a good idea on your part but with Mercury set to move in your discomfort zone, you may face unexpected technical hurdles as you race through your work. You would do well by consulting seniors and enjoying useful tips from others.

Keeping aside intellectual abilities and practical approach, you may choose to depend on cunning methods to get your things done. You will not mind moving with people who follow unethical means to maintain upper hand. You will think nothing is impossible for you.

Externally, you may let others know that everything is in order with your activity but internally, you may be riddled with a plethora of doubts. A strong suspicion that your planning has gone astray somewhere will keep kicking your thought process the whole week.

You will successfully try to find opportunities to highlight yourself as a great individual among people around. But your arguments will look illogical and it would be difficult for others to see reason in what you do and think. You are perhaps picking up issues that don’t deserve any mention.

You may develop new thoughts on defining comforts and leading comfortable living. As Sun continues to influence ruling quarters, you may seriously think of affecting changes to lifestyle. With your financial status being comfortable, you may go shopping to purchase preferred items.