Gossips over your involvement controversies may rule roost and disturb your concentration. Professional rivalries may be on the rise and people opposing you may try to provoke you into unnecessary discussions. You may feel highly embarrassed and fear that your reputation is at stake.

With Jupiter calling shots in the company of Mars over your monetary gains, you are bound to feel that good things are happening to you in money matters. If you are involved in activity that fetches you daily revenues, you will find income levels gradually increasing this week. You may find the necessity of hiring more people to assist you.

You may get wide appreciation from unexpected quarters and find support forthcoming in new ways. At the end of the week, you will strongly feel that you are on right path and right things are happening to you. You will enjoy the work and your growing relations.

Taking time off from your professional chores, you may meet venerable spiritual masters and attend lengthy discourses. You may also turn charitable and visit nearby orphanages or old age homes to distribute essential items to the needy.

For most part, you may visit banks or financial institutions where you have kept your documents or jewellery for reasserting their safety. You may also visit chosen food joints to enjoy palatable food. You will make more friends from the fair sex this week.

Try to be positive in your mind and redesign your priorities. If you have angered your spouse for any unwanted reason, take the initiative to soothe her tempers and try to put your relation on normal course.

Updating on the strength of your resources and taking corrective measures wherever necessary, you may tend to make use of the services of friends. If you are a guest somewhere scheduled to speak about your activity, you will be looked upon with reverence.

To  your surprise, near and dear ones close to your spouse may show interest in your business proposals and come forward to extend a helping hand. The week may give you sudden travels.

Being highly comfortable with your financial status, you would be ready to accept the demands of children and elders at home not minding the costs involved. You will strongly believe that money is meant for spending and not for saving. You may argue that saving habits may kill your desires.

Since you are in the habit of believing the assertions of people around easily without verifying facts first, you should be very careful in coming to conclusions over what you hear from others. Don’t pass on the same to others without convincing yourself first.

Business promotion trips and spiritual journeys are on the anvil for you this week. Your efforts may revolve around getting maximum mileage from business visits. Your journeys will be free of impediments and you will come across men and women helping nature at each and every place.

People will see new charisma in you this week. For some, you will look fresh, innovative and informative and for others you will look very cool, considerate and unassuming. During the entire week, you will be preoccupied with financial concerns but you will not allow others to find out what they are.