With Venus keeping company of Mercury in Gemini, you may witness changes at workplace for your good. You may be entrusted with more key responsibilities with strong promises on monetary benefits.

Your plans to settle property issues with siblings may not move forward. You will be puzzled with the attitude of siblings who may dispirit you with illogical arguments. As Northern Node influences your ruling quarters, you may fail to understand their real intentions

Mercury’s presence in your ruling quarters would be helpful to be practical enough. But you may feel tired and stressed due to overwork. In fact, the feeling of being tired could be your pigment of imagination and you may just turn lazy getting glued to social media platforms.

With Venus guarding affairs in your discomforts zone, you will spend more time on zeroing in on your choices. You may be on a mission to please someone with your attire and mannerism.

With Venus pumping in more energy into your gains, you may think of adding more vehicles to your fleet or more staff to your present strength. New vehicles or employees may bring more presentable look to your organisation and you may now be sure of your efforts succeeding.

As your body and soul move under the control of Northern Node, you may slow down your activity. As doubts over success sprout in mind, you will not run after things but try to convince yourself into thinking that you should wait for things to happen.

Looking like a disturbed person, you may feel you are tired mentally and physically. You may be particularly interested to disseminate certain messages to people around you to create an impression that you are not at fault.

It seems you have developed suspicions over going ahead with your initiatives.  With your ruling entity Mars calling shots in your other sign Aries, fear of failure will haunt you due to lack of proper support.

You may face hurdles trespassing into love matters. People moving around your sweetheart may raise issues of honour and pose a question mark on the future of your love. You are, therefore, advised to address the issues of status before taking forward your love matters.

You may be fed up as you find that your efforts to make an impact at the workplace and impress higher-ups are not giving tangible results. You will also realise that you don’t have a strong lobby to back your efforts while unworthy people are making a mark.

It would be an excellent day for you in most respects. If you expect to receive funds from long-distance places for any reason, you will receive favourable info about it.

It seems you are spending a lot of time on social media platforms. You should be highly conscious of your social media activity as there are chances of con men and women targeting you.