Remaining cool and confident with a strong notion that your initiatives are on the right track, you will feel proud of your association and social relations. A blind belief in people around you will make you move ahead with speed and perfection. More and more people may join your bandwagon.

With a view to making your profession more promising and rewarding, you may think of adopting innovative ways. If you are a woman techie, you will find time to talk about bigger things with some of your colleagues and friends.

Your life partner may brand you as a great defaulter and if you are a first-time defaulter, you may succeed in placating efforts. If you are a regular defaulter, you may be at the receiving end.

With heavy activity going on in a celestial home, your little work may produce bigger dividends and the second half of the day can be hectic for you. You may undertake professional visits to clinch business deals. You will enjoy complete peace at home and workplace.

It seems some sort of new knowledge has dawned upon you in the changed circumstances. You may feel that one of your friends is under pressure to provide you considerable space to accommodate you in a newly emerging scenario.

If you have strained your relations with members of the opposite sex at workplace for any reason, this is high time that you paid attention to repair them. Your moves will be reciprocated by others.

You should be careful of your association and interaction with people. Chances are plenty for you to run into unnecessary arguments with friends or colleagues. Some of the people around may try to drag you into unwanted quarrels. Don’t get provoked.

With your ruling quarters reeling under the powerful surveillance of spiritual Saturn, materialistic aspects will be your least concern. Rather than moving with professional activity, you may be preoccupied more with spiritual aspects to satisfy your thirst for knowledge.

Are you working on a quid pro quo basis with friends and cousins for mutual benefits? This may actually be good as it amounts to helping each other but you may realise that your friends are not as sincere as you are in transferring the benefits.

With Mars and Northern Node controlling your digestive system, health issues will seek your concern and you may spend more time visiting your physician. If you have school-going children at home, you may find them attracting cold or fever as a result of seasonal changes.

You may try to clinch bigger deals but you may find them linked to strings. You seem to be in a hurry to clinch deals without thinking much of their possible pros and cons in detail. If you are in the habit of making deals just for the name sake, it may not matter to you.

You may feel you are safe now. Your attitude will be guided by realisation that you are in a place where people around consider you as their friend despite your inherent fears that you are in an inimical place.