You may show several instances as proof to say that you are capable of managing top decision-makers. But your actions and assertions may come under scrutiny of people who look for loopholes. Don’t give room for others to fault you.

Contractions will guide your attitude and despite being a strong-willed person, you will not be able to make decisions due to conflict of thoughts. You will feel that whatever you do is correct but a strong suspicion will also keep haunting you that somewhere, something has terribly gone wrong.

Avoid arguments with your spouse to keep spousal relations in good harmony. Even as you wake up, you may also find your spouse in an aggressive mood for various reasons. Your immediate concern should revolve around cooling the atmosphere. You had better keep silent for the sake of conjugal happiness.

Matters relating to love and affections may take a big leap forward. If you want to strengthen your bond with loved ones, be receptive to them and try to attend to their needs without being asked. Let everybody at home know that you are flexible and kind towards their issues.

You would not be interested to know what others think. You may not mind that more men and women working under you are showing dislike towards you. You may indicate that you are only concerned with results.

You may fear that something is going on against you at the workplace and some of your colleagues have ganged up against you. But it can be a pigment of imagination haunting you due to internal and external circumstances that guide you.

Some of the people around may disagree with you or question your credentials as a troubleshooter. You will find that there is an increase in the number of people opposing your views. You may look defeated as you find more people opposing you.

Everything will be perfect at the workplace. You will handle tough assignments with perfection. Your tact and technical acumen will stun colleagues at the workplace. At home, you may be in a confrontational mood with elderly people over property and domestic matters.

You will be creative at your workplace. Amazing techniques that you apply and the eagerness you show in completing initiatives on hand will be appreciated by one and all working with you. Your team will be thrilled to learn new things from you.

You may be preoccupied with implementing your ideas and plans but with Mars also influencing your thought process, you may develop second thoughts over your plans. For a while, you may hesitate to go ahead.

Great warmth and affection will mark your day’s spousal relations and you will have reasons to celebrate. If your spouse is a working woman, she may tell you good things about her monetary benefits. If she is a homemaker, she will give you good advice on your professional issues.

You may land in nasty problems due to short temperament and illogical attitude during interactions outside home. You may bump into people who may question you over your new relationships. They may not mind putting you to serious embarrassment.