You may feel that everything is back to square one and unhappiness will keep haunting you. Despite putting in hard work, you will fail to see expected progress in your activity

 Your work place will bubble with activity and you will find it difficult to cope up with schedules. There may be series of meetings with advisers for finalising strategy for future plans

At home, you will show excellent anger management skills and convince spouse and children into falling in line with your argument

If you are in business, you may think of consolidating your resources and keep enough funds at your disposal to work on future initiatives

You may be deeply interested to know new things on special subjects or join new courses. As you strongly believe that life is a daily learning process

Are you looking for arrival of funds from somewhere? There may be indications to say that you are going to succeed partially

Your efforts to establish supremacy at work place will make rapid progress. If you are second in command, you will realise that higher-ups are depending more and more on you to meet targets

You may be in a repenting mode over spousal or business partnership issues. You may try to correct things wrongly crafted by you or others close to you.

You may be opposed by own people at home on key domestic issues while colleagues at work place may oppose you on issues related to your activity

 Fearing that something is happening behind you, you may feel your name and fame and social standing are at stake

Your aim for the day would be to finish targets by hook or crook. You will not develop second opinion on how you will achieve this

Are you participating in a debate or speaking at an event as guest? Your speech may be full of solid information with examples and inspire many