Are you in a new place working on personal or professional responsibilities? As Moon moves in your celestial home, you may be hell bent on coming home wherever you are. If you are in a journey, you may think of coming back midway due to various reasons

You may tend to think of growing independently in stature and carving a niche for yourself in your sphere of activity. As Venus transits in your celestial home, family members may extend solid support and you may think of refining your ideas.

You may seek to learn new lessons at workplace. More than the involved concepts of work, you may need to build up or consolidate relations on an emergency basis to create a congenial atmosphere from your side.

You will be practical in approach and find it appropriate to appreciate the actions of others. You will try to see if the actions of others around are genuine and logical.

Combined influence of Mars and Jupiter on your ruling quarters may cause a rhythm of depressive tendencies and present bleak looks. You may be thinking deeply of your weaknesses and inefficiencies while you fail to invoke your energies and efficiencies

Have you become possessive of your love? You may seriously think of taking it forward but certain incidents may happen making you suspicious of the movements of your loved one. You may turn curious trying to know what is happening to your love.

With Mars controlling your financial affairs, you will look satisfied financially. You may hear good things on your investments and revenues you have so far generated.

With your ruling entity Mars still transiting in your other sign, you may be haunted by feelings that you are facing contradictions in your views. You will be under pressure to tackle a string of issues but contradictions in your possible response may confuse you and others.

Your presence may be most sought-after by family members at home. Guests may arrive and look forward to meet you and discuss key issues. You will no doubt enjoy the fun in the company of visiting kids and elders alike.

It looks like you are in the process of reconstructing your image and rebuilding your future. This is no doubt appreciable but the way you plan to do it may come under scrutiny by friends or elders at home.

You may display enthusiasm in coming to the rescue of people who you disliked once. You may cite several reasons for the change in your stand but your reasons may look unconvincing to people around you.

You may be on the lookout for new friends from the opposite sex. You may initiate efforts to fulfil you wish depending on social media platforms. Working for longer hours may fetch you some friends but most of them could be elder to you.