With Mars and Northern Node influencing your financial and family spheres, you will find things moving speedily on the domestic front. If you are involved in business matters, the day’s influences will boost up your activity and fetch you fresh customers.

Past controversies involving your role may disturb you. At a time when you think all controversies have died down once and for all, you may find that somebody has raked them up again.

You seem to be unmoved by recent failures on the work front. If you continue with your present attitude, you may face innumerable challenges in the days ahead. Your present problems could have stemmed from your refusal to examine things from a wider perspective.

You may be a mix of aggressiveness and flexibility depending on the situation and the people you face. If you are planning to clinch key transactions, you will aggressively deal with partners or customers. You will treat it as most important.

With benefactor Mars influencing your professional activity, you may feel that your new responsibilities are not in tune with your capabilities. Your capabilities were perhaps overestimated by people who asked you to deal with sensitive issues. But your willingness to burden yourself with multiple tasks may teach you good lessons.

Presence of value enhancer Venus in the sphere of gains will give you fresh ideas. You may feel you have a business mind and can do many things. You will be very agitated over your ideas to strengthen the present dispensation.

It may be a quarrelsome day. As the Sun moves in a tormenting zone, controversies may trouble you. Your rivals or bête-noirs may dig deep into your past and fault you for your omissions and commissions. If you are a victim of shoulder pain, it may aggravate.

Your diplomatic shrewdness and manoeuvring abilities will be at their best. People around will ably understand this and entrust you with more key responsibilities. Colleagues at the workplace and friends outside will understand you fully and agree with your ideas.

You may aggressively work towards consolidating your social and financial base by planning a plethora of steps. In your efforts, you may be counting on the support of some of your close cousins or neighbours elder to you.

You may be aggressive in your activity but fears of being dominated by someone more aggressive at the workplace may haunt you. Others around may feel that nobody can interfere in your work. However, someone very close to you may try to trespass into your jurisdiction and you may not like it.

As retrograde Saturn keeps guard of your incoming communications, long-distance communications will fetch certain good news for you. You may hear about the professional achievements of your siblings staying at long-distance places.

The day has high potential to bring old habits back to you for good and you may attend an entertainment event in your city. Even as you enjoy your programme, you may bump into one of your old friends bringing you pleasant surprises.