With benefactor Sun set to transit your celestial zone of wisdom, it will be a peaceful week for you. It will help you develop good understanding with family members and friends. You will take the lead in rendering good advice and solving a problem for your daughter or son.

Squaring of benefactors Saturn and Mercury will keep your morale high this week. Your financial position will be satisfactory and you will successfully fulfil priority commitments irrespective of their nature.

With two malefic celestial entities Mars and Northern Node guarding your discomfort zone, you may remain dissatisfied this week. Recent failures may work as potential stumbling blocks in going ahead with your present activity.

Control of benefactor Jupiter and Mars over celestial zones of your luck and monetary gains respectively, you may set yourself certain targets for the week. But the week’s influences may mislead and misguide you into diverting yourself to set your eyes on something else half-way through.

Sun’s co-journey with duplicity entity Mercury may keep you hooked to your suspicions this week. Are you worried that people have ganged up against you to denigrate your image? You may opt for a long sabbatical.

You will realise you need to learn more lessons in life. Certain incidents involving some people around might have caused you financial losses. It may dawn upon you that you should be diplomatic in dealing with people henceforth. You will learn that every day and every person are not alike.

In your eagerness to prove supremacy at the workplace this week, you may have either neglected some of the people around or some of the key issues that you should have attended to on priority. It may be due to your intention not to share the honours with others that you have stopped giving importance to some colleagues.

Irrespective of the possible consequences, you may try to point out the mistakes of colleagues and friends. Your assertions and actions may look odd and threatening for others but you will not mind conveying the reality. However, don’t arrive at conclusions.

People around may expect you to respond in your usual style but your silence may continue to send wrong signals and confuse them, and lower your image. Wrong decisions may land you in trouble.

You may think of adopting a very flexible attitude in official or personal interactions. You will take more liberty in expressing views but find it more appropriate to be diplomatic in dealing with people.

Retrograde Jupiter’s influence on your attitude may force you to realise your mistakes. Your encouraging words may be considered as inspiration and you may feel it is your responsibility to do so.

While some of the people around may continue to fault you for your omissions and commissions, you will also find people supporting you on your adventurous activity. It will help boost your morale.