You may look agitated due to your feelings of being neglected by family elders. Still, you may try to keep emotions to yourself. A silent undercurrent of dissatisfaction may keep you internally dull but you may not dare to discuss them with others or express your feelings to anyone.

Are you a victim of loneliness? If you are a loner for the day, you may spend time visiting temples and spiritual centres. You may depend on social media to make new friends to get some relief by indulging in chatting.

You may learn that people inimical to you have given up a vindictive attitude and are maintaining a low profile. With your confidence flying high, you may decide to move on with your initiatives with gusto. Your positive attitude will take you forward.

You may worry you are in for some sort of trouble from known and unknown circles. If you are far away from home on a foreign soil, you may buy trouble over your failure to observe local etiquette. Try to be friendly with others wherever you are.

Is somebody taking your soft nature for granted and treating you non-seriously? You should be careful enough while dealing with such elements. It would be better if you maintain seriousness in your activity by sending out a clear message that you are not ready to relax rules.

You will feel comfortable in money matters and fully succeed in fulfilling key commitments. Phone calls from near and dear ones will fetch you good news boosting up confidence. You will end the day on a happy note in most respects.

Major imbalance in revenue and expenditure may disturb you. Contrary to expectations, your expenditure may skyrocket and you will be under pressure to change priorities. There may be new demands from children upsetting calculations.

Your business acumen will be at its best. Your negotiating skills will consist of appreciable ingredients of diplomacy, calculation and logic But take enough precautions to make sure you will be in control.

Are you part of a team dealing with key responsibilities at the workplace? It seems you are in disagreement with others on important issues. Members of the team may differ with you and come out with unique solutions causing you some sort of embarrassment.

Routine official chores and lack of creativity will keep you dull and inactive at your table. You will not mind the work moving at a snail’s pace but you may be branded as a non-performer. You will feel that your work is hard, tedious and your higher-ups have selectively chosen you to handle the rough work.

As Northern Node guides your decision-making abilities, you may feel you are a changed person and people around also may say this. You may succeed in outsmarting professional rivals by adopting subtle diplomatic methods and this could be at variance from earlier policies.

You may be in a hurry to finish tasks early but that may look odd for people around. Your eagerness will fail you to recognise the fact that higher-ups are not happy with your work. If this is your habit, you may get hints to let you know that your services may no longer be required.