The day’s celestial influences can transform you into a personality of calm and soberness. As your aggressiveness simply disappears into thin air, you would be highly generous towards members of the fair sex.

The going will be tough if you are involved in buying and selling activity. You will find it hard to reach targets and mobilise funds for investment in the next project. You will realise that your marketing team needs to be strengthened rapidly.

With Northern Node alone controlling your mindset, you may inadvertently run into trouble with higher-ups at the workplace. You are, therefore, advised to take extra precautions while transacting any work entrusted to you.

With your benefactor Jupiter moving in your work zone, you will move forward to clinch deals. Your efforts to tie up with a royal family on alliance deals may yield proper results. If you are seeking a live-in relationship with someone, you will succeed in your attempts.

This can be a good day for you to plan your investments. With benefactor Jupiter moving in your luck zone, you may make decisions resulting in expansion of your activity by leaps and bounds.

You will be on the right track with regard to your activity. Your assertions and actions will be friendly and your eagerness to build up a business or professional empire in a systematic way will yield results with the support of friends.

You will know that your status is up in society because of your decisions and actions. You will carry high respect at the workplace due to your professionalism and knowledge. You will realise that more and more people are looking towards you for guidance.

This can be a great day if you want to reestablish contacts with old friends or childhood acquaintances. Take up your mobile and keep calling one or two of them. One of your friends will set a chain reaction and you are likely to collect a lot of data..

Northern Node’s influence on your work zone may mar your professional activity. But with trine relationships consolidating between Saturn and Mars, you will deviate from your main activity harming yourself and missing key deadlines.

The day will favour you if you are on the lookout for an alliance for one of your family members. If you are the person concerned and planning to meet your future partner, the interactions and discussions will be successful.

The day keeps you full busy as you formulate your investment plans. You may discuss ideas with your spouse and children and get their green signal for implementing your proposals. Your intentions will be clearly aimed at making big profits in a short time.

Old animosities between you and your cousins may come to the fore and you may spare enough time to sort out issues. However, if you have elder sisters or brothers, your relations will be excellent with them with deep levels of understanding.