You might be on a mission to make great recovery but there may be only further additions to already accumulated losses. It seems you are not following basic rules of betting for a long time. Anarchic gambling may lead to financial ruin.

You may find out that your wavelength is not in tune with that of your friends. But did you ever try to find out the reasons for this? Many of your friends are from a higher age group than you and this could be one of the reasons for your thought-process.

If your target is meeting women folk at short distance for personal or professional purposes, you will be successful in your efforts. If your target people are business persons, you will succeed partially.

It seems you are in a hurry to proceed with your new initiatives. You may be in a state of confusion not knowing the reasons for your failures. Why don’t you seek advice from seasoned persons to have fool-proof planning for your new initiatives?

You may look for short-cut and unsavoury methods to fulfil ambitions and improve your worth. More and more people of questionable credentials may come in contact with you and you may not develop second thoughts even as you pursue your ambitions vigorously.

You will benefit from elderly advice and it would be the best day for you if you seek guidance from elders. If you have an important issue to settle, seek guidance from mother or a motherly person at home. If you are an elderly person, guide your son or daughter with good advice.

Have you stopped any of your key initiatives half-way through for any reason? The day’s developments may guide you into relaunching abandoned projects with the active cooperation of your friends and well-wishers.

You will not allow yourself to divert your attention to other subsidiary activities as you are determined to prove that you are very much dedicated to reach targets well on time. Your colleagues may envy you.

You may buy new books if you are a voracious reader. If you are a nature lover, you may visit new places not frequented by others. Or, you may buy new communication equipment. New things will interest you abnormally.

Your digestive system will remain perfect and you will maintain perfect equilibrium between physical and mental energies. You are likely to involve aged and experienced people in your priority mission. You will get tangible results without fail.

For the first time, you may feel you are not at liberty to take decisions despite availability of necessary resources with you. You will learn about limitations under which you are working. You may not like to cross the barriers anyway.

But with Saturn negating your desires, you may tend to go by rule book in making decisions. You will instantly learn that people around are more enthusiastic than you over your initiatives.