You may not feel tired of pursuing long-term ambitions through relentless efforts. In the process, you may undertake a long or short distance journey to meet possible partners and discuss things. Officials will be helpful in your endeavours and extend full support.

Armed with more bargaining powers in clinching business deals, you will exhibit tact and shrewdness in your interactions. If you have set aside a budget to acquire a particular thing from the market, you will get one within your budget.

As the day’s celestial influences are poised to fetch you whopping losses, you had better keep off betting activity. If you are a race-goer, you may be under pressure from punter-colleagues to visit the race-course and indulge in aggressive betting. Don’t be greedy.

There may be a festive atmosphere with your cousins / siblings arriving home to share happy moments. The day is also suitable for undertaking short or long-distance travels on secret missions or for entertainment.

The day will produce positive results if you are a forgotten celebrity of sorts. It will rekindle your energies and revive your hopes of making a comeback despite past failures. If you are a running demigod for your followers, you may turn into a news maker with controversial and questionable statements.

Irrespective of your status and the volume of your commitments, your earning son will come forward to support you and not allow you to spend from your bank coffers. You will feel proud of your son and his caring attitude.

You may be toying with the idea of dealing with professional rivals in innovative ways. Tending to adopt secret strategies, you may consult friends in order to arrive at key decisions in the process of formulating plans.

As your ruling quarters get afflicted, you may feel that you are the most neglected person in your group or organisation. But surely, you will find an opportunity to interact with others of your ilk to find out the reasons for your not being cared for.

You may think of fulfilling the wishes of parents. If you feel you have dilly-dallied all these days neglecting their demands and causing dismay, you may find time to make amendments to your attitude and think of their welfare. Just fulfill at least one of their demands and you can see smiles on their faces.

It would be difficult for them to judge the possible outcome of the change. But your urge to be on the offensive against rivals will put you on top, at least temporarily. Your way of doing things will be peculiar and interesting to others.

There may be many options before you and you may seek guidance from some well-wishers. You may feel unhappy in a new dispensation and entertain thoughts of adopting innovative ways to go ahead and fulfil dreams. You will get some good ideas.

You might have wrongfully formed certain opinions about family members, but those opinions may evaporate into thin air. You will come to know how lovable and affectionate they are towards you. Moving with proper understanding, you may cultivate the habit of respecting them.