The day’s celestial influences suggest that you should be slow on financial dealings. Don’t indulge in financial transactions involving bigger volumes, giving or taking. As retrograde Saturn influences retrograde Jupiter, the financial transactions of the day may gain a color of controversy forever.

Your efforts to convey that you are in command at the workplace may not yield results. You will find that your authority is not being respected by people around you. Your intelligence may not suffice to find out reasons.

A strong zeal to become a good samaritan may engulf you forcing you to render help to the needy. You may not be worried over spending money for such purposes occasionally. You will have enough resources to do so.

Your views will count and your proposals will be readily accepted. It may be not because you are seen as a better person than others but because of work compulsions pervading your work place.

Do you feel you have become overweight? If you belong to the fair sex, it would be better if you decide in favour of attending yoga classes to reduce body weight. But in your anxiety to become slim, you may take to other techniques also available in the market.

Outwardly, you may put up a brave face, but your inner thoughts will revolve around the social disgrace that you have experienced in recent times. Try to realise why people are commenting that you have to learn a lot despite having a checkered career. Some may say you are not mature enough.

With Moon joining the company of Mars in Gemini, you may come across incidents or events that may raise or lower your BP levels. If your health is delicate, don’t go into an emotional zone. Don’t allow yourself to be provoked by passions.

As heavy celestial activity continues in the discomfort zone, you may be handicapped by failures in mobilising funds for operational advancement. You will realise that failures are forced on you due to chain reaction of events in your dealings with others.

Your ego will keep you highly elated but your assertions may not be liked by people around. Success or failure, you must learn to be normal and keep your relations intact. Ups and downs may be common.

You may approach legal counsel to settle scores with professional or business rivals. There are also indications that you will earn disrespect because of women at work or at a market place.

There will be good news from brothers or sisters staying far away. At work, you will find professional relations with colleagues improving. You will be sound financially as you move ahead with confidence on your initiatives.

Even if you are an extempore speaker with good command over the subject in your sphere of activity, you are likely to fumble while communicating your ideas at events or meetings. Instead, you could do better with prior preparation by prioritising points to speak.