A strong feeling that you are unable to repay debts to banks and friends will haunt you. You may try to visit places abounding with natural beauty to keep off such thoughts. You will develop a peculiar thought process.

Strongly guided by thoughts of being neglected, you may explore reasons why people are not caring for you. If you are heading an organisation, you will find that a serious gap has emerged between you and your subordinates.

Are you not happy with your daily earnings? Worried with dwindling daily revenues, you may entertain thoughts of giving up present activity. Surely, this may not be the first time you are thinking of shifting to a new activity with which you are not familiar.

Nostalgia will haunt you and the day may remain most memorable in life. It can bring you immense pleasure as you bump into childhood friends or classmates at social or family events. You will have enough time to cherish childhood memories and share moments of happiness and distress with others.

You may receive phone calls or emails offering you unclaimed funds or other types of fortunes and seeking your details. Be logical and try to avoid replying to such offers aimed at trapping you and cheating you. Don’t be guided by greediness.

Are you involved in professional rivalries? The day’s celestial influences may turn out to be bad while old issues may come to the fore. You are therefore advised not to move alone at market places or entertainment centres. You will be under pressure to cancel your scheduled programmes.

Has appreciation poured in for reaching milestones in your sphere of activity? You might be hovering on cloud nine after being recognised for your unique work. If you are related to the services sector, you may go places and receive wide appreciation.

You may turn into a dreaming personality building castles in the air. There would be many self-imposed hiccups pushing you into a fascinating world. This will only help you deviate from main activity and indulge in useless, abstract and obscure operations.

Don’t go by twisted intelligence but stick to a thorough practical approach to arrive at decisions on what is good for both of you. Be fair to your partner while trying to keep off temptations to give a false picture for ulterior motives.

Health condition of elderly persons at home may disturb you and you may have to skip official work. If you are involved in love matters, communication gaps would result in silent acrimony.

Your thought process would be in such a blissful status that you tend to make amendments to your behaviour. Your mind set will be on the right track and you would not fail to apologise if you feel you have hurt others.

You may be under pressure to travel with people who you don’t like and who you consider them as your enemies. Your imagination may go wild making you uncomfortable in the presence of known people.