You may be under obligation to undertake journeys to meet groups of people to elicit their opinions. You will successfully complete the task entrusted to you. Certain groups of people may try to pressurise you and mislead you on your task but they will not succeed.

You may wonder why you are being singled out by higher-ups to share additional responsibilities on and off. If you belong to a government organisation, your superiors may come up with plenty of reasons to give you more responsibilities.

More appreciation will swarm around you for commendable activities. You will realise that you are in the process of building a great reputation at a long-distance place than in your own place. The day may be hectic for you with a flurry of phone calls.

If your spouse is a job seeker, you will learn that your spouse has made some progress in that direction. If your spouse is away from home, there may be a flurry of phone calls between you. If you are a loner, you may kill time by visiting cinemas and meeting friends.

If you are involved in secret activity, there may be more pressure from family members to abdicate it. Well-wishers may ask you to realise that you are on the wrong foot. You may feel you are being discouraged by several quarters.

Your hurried decisions can change your course of life for good or bad. If you are seriously thinking of detaching yourself from certain people in society, the day will force you to take drastic decisions. But think twice before you make final decisions.

You will succeed in efforts to establish supremacy in your sphere of activity. Travels are good for both professional and domestic purposes but keep a watch on people surrounding you as you travel.

You may not think of the discomfort you face at home due to arguments among family members. At workplace, there may be more interactions with colleagues of the fair sex. You may be the most sought-after individual at the workplace.

As you are bound to be faulty in decision-making, you would do better by maintaining a low profile and postponing key decisions. Keep off controversial issues and discussions.

If you feel you are strong in the areas in which they are weak, try to use your talents to seek recognition. Prove that there is no match for you in the area in which you have supremacy over others. Try to prove your talents.

You may look for new friends or partners to carry forward your agenda but it would be difficult for you to make good friends in a short time. Since you have weakened yourself, influential people may not be eager to join hands with you.

You may feel that somebody is trying to apply brakes to your success streak. The day may give you a feeling that you have somehow lost grip over the affairs on which you had exercised irrefutable authority in the past.