If you are involved in business activity, you may be faulted by customers due to your frequent changing of opinions. If you are related to serving long distance-based customers, you may change policies to suit your advantage. You will not feel shy of taking brazen decisions.

The day will prove you have failed in anger management not learning basic lessons yet. You may vent your anger at your spouse or children over petty issues but you may realise later that you have erred with your outbursts.

The day can be unlucky for you in many ways including speculation. If you are losing money more frequently than gaining in betting activity, it will add to your woes. But you may get compensated in some other ways.

The day may seek your active participation in deciding investment matters at home. You may skip work to participate in intense discussions and visit places. The day may unfold with great hope and promise for you and for your family.

Are you planning for fresh investments? The day may not be good for you to take key decisions to pump in funds into fresh investments. You would do better by waiting for a few more days.  Or you may face hurdles when you are about to finish deals.

It seems you are moving with high-flying businesspersons. You may find the day hectic with meetings and interactions with top officials and other influential persons. There may be informal parties wherein you can make more friends from key departments or famous organisations.

You are therefore advised to see reason and be reticent in reacting to events and happenings. Don’t behave in a manner that would give room for others to fault your decisions.

You seem to be moving on cloud nine with recent success. But how long can you continue to bask in its glory? Think of the tasks ahead as facing them could turn out to be a litmus test for you and for your capabilities.

Your commanding skills and dynamism will rule the roost as you try to elevate yourself as a champion of certain causes. You will send out clear messages that you are also very powerful like others while in fact you may be very weak in many segments.

The day may ask you to give up intransigence and show flexibility in interactions at the workplace. You must know that stubbornness is not always good as it robs you of valuable opportunities to mix with others freely.

Your serious efforts to take in more experienced or talented people to supplement professional or business services may not yield results. Despite all this, you will find the day hectic with an increase in the number of interactions or transactions.

You will realise that your spouse is more capable of making better decisions than you on issues of importance. Keep aside your ego and follow spousal advice as a better idea from your partner can change your life for good. If somebody seeks your advice, don’t hesitate to tender it.