But when it comes to expressing yourself, you may be a failure. Celestial influences are such that you may fumble and lose discretion. You may be provoked into arguments at the workplace.

With Northern Node having a say on your thinking abilities, you may think your organisation is vehemently ignoring your sentiments and emotions and allowing others to exercise authority over you for no reason. But before actually blaming others for your distress, assess yourself and your workmanship. Make amendments to your attitude, if necessary, to set right things.

Meet your spiritual teacher if you have one. As the day is destined to strengthen you spiritually, you also need to put in efforts for your spiritual consolidation. Keep your mind free from egoistic, envious and hateful feelings for your good and growth.

Peculiarity in a spousal relationship is that neither of you may be willing to own your omissions and commissions. Both of you may be adamant blaming each other and not trying to correct yourself. You seem to be poor in practising the art of living.

You may be upset with friends faulting your attitude. But, have you ever thought of bringing in perfect balance between thoughts and actions? It seems that some of your actions are not in tune with your thought process. This could be the reason for your frequent confrontation with some of the people around.

You may now be sure that you are destined to face a litmus test but you would fly high in your confidence. With professional rivals trying to confuse you into taking quick decisions or changing your decisions, you should be highly cautious.

More and more of your rivals may join hands to corner you, putting you on the defensive mode. Even if you are enriched with logical reasons to defend your working style, they will show flaws in your present and past decisions and actions.

If you plan to shift from one main subject to another or from one area of operation to another, your decisions will be appreciated. Financially, you will have your way and further consolidation of your status will become your main priority and activity.

You may face a series of challenges at home and workplace as well. But you may shed all inhibitions and turn aggressive to face the challenges and reach targets. It will be hectic for you and you may feel tired at the end of the day.

You may be eager to listen to them and accept their requests for favors. You may do peculiar things to seek their attention and try to be in their good books. You may especially target one or two.

The day may force you to spend most of your time on work related to your children. It may be in connection with your daughter. If she is a school-going girl, you may visit her school or training centre to finalise certain key issues on her academic pursuits.

Your suspicious attitude may turn spousal relations risky. You are, therefore, advised not to drag things too far. Don’t go by the impression that your spouse is under the influence of hearsay.