With your conjugal life being subjected to heavy malefic influence, harmony may miss in spousal relations. Lack of understanding on key issues may mar your day and you may find it difficult to take forward your initiatives.

You will strongly feel that you are facing innumerable challenges at home and workplace. There would be disappointment from some who you thought were your own men and women. Suddenly, you may find that your loved ones have begun hating you for reasons not known.

The day may leave behind bitter experiences if you are a loner looking for a life partner. Things will appear to you as if they are reaching the climax but as in the recent past, your efforts may end up as anti-climax.

With Jupiter moving in retrogression and influencing your value signifier Mars, you will continue to be in the news. The day has high potential to make you more popular. You may sign lucrative assignments willing to accept new responsibilities.

It seems you are at loggerheads with your own people over materialistic issues. If you are in confrontation with parents or elders at home over property matters, you may be on the wrong track.

Straightforwardness is the best way for you to deal with others. Don’t rely on friends’ advice to get things done. You may be in a hurry to finish off the agenda, and in the process, you may adopt short-cut methods under the influence of friends.

You will strive to highlight yourself in a dignified role in changed circumstances. You may think that the circumstances are favourable for tackling the challenges but you may face a peculiar ambience.

With multiple influences working against your ruling quarters, you may hear good things from a long distance. If you are a high-flying trader, you may cross the seas to finalise new projects or policies.

Heavy celestial activity in the discomfort zone may turn you into a victim of confusion. It may be because you don’t have clarity on the pros and cons of what you are going to do. You may also receive several pieces of advice from friends and cousins multiplying your confusion.

It seems you and the people around are a disappointed lot. Your illogical assertions and outbursts aimed at emotional blackmailing of certain sections to gain undue favours may boomerang on you. You will learn that there is no one to fall prey to your tantrums.

This can be a good and productive day to act on property transactions, sale or purchase. If you are in property related activity, you will have a field day with more customers flocking to you and seeking your services.

You will find your inherent sensual feelings spurring you into action. If you are active on social media, you may come across new friends from the opposite sex. You may feel excited about new contacts and conversations.