WeChat introduces in-app gaming

App promises profit shares to developers worldwide

By Author  |  Published: 23rd Mar 2019  4:11 pm

China-based messaging and payments platform WeChat is adding an in-app mini-gaming platform to let users play basic games like Tetris, open to developers worldwide.

The company had listed two developers outside China for now and Google was one of them with its doodling game Guess My Sketch.

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WeChat said its mini games platform grew to over 400 million monthly active users, but that was still less than half of how many monthly active users were on the app.

With its gaming platform, WeChat promises new developers joining in from around the world profit shares.

“There is a programme that developers can apply to, called ‘Creativity Incentives’ which parent company Tencent launched in December to encourage developers to experiment creatively with art, music, and storytelling,” a report said. “The programme grants deserving developers an additional 20 per cent cut in revenue.”

WeChat’s decision of introducing an in-app gaming tab comes after other social networking giants like Facebook, Snapchat and YouTube incorporated dedicated gaming-related spaces as part of their main apps.