What can we do during the lockdown…

With the absence of jobs in the market presently, many youngsters in the city turn towards possible business opportunities

By   |  Published: 18th Jul 2020  5:47 pm

It’s been over three months since the lockdown. Whatever savings families managed are being spent now and the tension of increasing prices and no income has been a reason for panic at many households.

Many employees are given a pink slip at their workplaces while several final-year students who were given offer letters before the pandemic are now asked to wait till the situation is close to being normal. But when will the normalcy arrive? This is an indefinite question which no one has an answer to.

While having a proper job in these pandemic times has become quite a task, many city youngsters have found alternative ways to earn some money.

One among them is Simran Bhutoria who started baking and selling brownies and cakes during the lockdown. “I started baking at home during the lockdown. I learnt to bake with the help of YouTube and have been receiving good reviews from my customers. Since it is homemade and hygienic, many feel assured when buying from home bakers than from bakeries and eateries in the city,” says Simran who sells nine pieces of brownies at Rs 350, half-kg cake for Rs 500 and 1 kg cake for Rs 1,000.

Vamshi Kurapati, a businessman in the city, suggests people to have more than one means of earning if possible. If one doesn’t click at some point, you have another to have your back, he says.

“Today, the ideas and possibilities of doing business have been on the rise, especially among the young crowd. But, many of their ideas just remain as ideas for various reasons. What I have observed is that joining an MNC irrespective of their stream of study has become an ultimate goal among these youngsters. This routine and more or less comfortable working life cajoles them to settle for it instead of exploring their abilities,” says Vamshi.

“Even a person working for a BPO can do digital marketing parallelly. Any person can acquire additional skills through an ocean of courses present online and find an alternative means of earning,” he adds.

While giving a simple suggestion to the young ones through the lockdown, Vamshi says, “Content writing, graphic designing and digital marketing have a great demand in the market. While sitting at home, one can go through online courses, specialise in these additional skills and apply for several websites or companies,” says Vamshi.

On how one can build connections for job offers during these lockdown, Vamshi explains, “One can simply apply for several companies on their websites. Also, many budding companies have their pages on Instagram. Find the right company that might need either of the above, or convince them that you’re the right fir for the job. Through this, you can build a profile which is important and raise your demands with time and experience.”

Vamshi also has a YouTube channel of his name with 6.17K subscribers, where he explains everything about businesses.

What can work…

A few business modules that could work during the lockdown

Organic or healthy food business

One can get in touch with many nutritionists and learn about salads or healthy foods that could boost one’s immunity and overall health and supply them to nearby customers.

Grocery store on wheels

Especially for areas where there are no shops nearby or in gated communities, one can supply these perishable goods by adhering to safety measures.

Affiliate marketing

One can tie up with Amazon to sell their products. You’ll get an individual link for certain goods and if shared with friends, on their purchase you can get a referral amount from the online platform.

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