What doesn’t kill you…

By Author   |   Published: 11th Jan 2017   11:08 pm Updated: 11th Jan 2017   9:31 pm

What is the hardest truth you had to accept that made you stronger? A profound question, right? A Quora user posted this and started off a major intellectual conversation, with hundreds of thousands getting engaged. MBA grad from Bangladesh Shovan Chowdhury posted a brilliant answer to the question, winning more than 19K upvotes.

He bared his heart and wrote a list of all that has made him stronger because he came to terms with those tough truths. “I don’t have a girlfriend. My job application was rejected from 1000+ employers. I have to work weekends. Life is unpredictable. I haven’t travelled outside my country. I haven’t cried in many years. I have a lot of limitations,” and so on and so forth he wrote, hitting home with every heartfelt confession of his. Perhaps he got so many views and likes for his answer because most of us can relate to it. Same, Shovan, same. Bravo!