What is icing in Hockey?

By   |  Published: 10th Aug 2020  12:58 amUpdated: 9th Aug 2020  9:01 pm

Icing is largely a defensive strategy used to interrupt an opponent’s attack in hockey, but it can also be an offensive strategy. And as fast-moving and physical as ice hockey is, with speed, strength and agility the hallmarks of top players, strategy still plays a big part in the game.

Icing occurs when the defence sends the puck over the center red line and past the opposing team’s goal line, with no other player touching the puck. If the puck is first touched by a now-defensive player on the other team, icing is called. The result is a face-off in the defensive end of the team who sent the puck to begin with – that is, the team who caused the icing infraction. An NHL rule passed in 2013 resulted in “hybrid icing,” where the linesman must determine which player will touch the puck first after it crosses the goal line.