When distance becomes trivial

In times of grief, every single act of compassion restores unfathomable strength in sufferers

By Author  |  Published: 3rd Feb 2018  11:24 pmUpdated: 3rd Feb 2018  9:18 pm

Distance is notorious for ruining relationships — be it between friends, couples or family. As the hectic schedule of daily life coupled with lack of physical proximity dig their claws into our flesh to further pull us apart, only understanding can withstand the odds.

However, there are times, when, despite the odds, we have to make time and put some effort into making someone who is afar feel special, especially in times of crisis — be it the death of their loved one or a medical condition uncalled for, among other reasons.
Here is how you can be there for your friends, always:

React promptly

Since you cannot run to them immediately, be prompt in contacting them. It is okay if they are caught up with the situation and you cannot get through to them. The mere knowledge that you tried to get in touch with them will definitely make them feel better. You might feel it would be better to contact them later in peace when you have time, which is alright, but you might forget or they might get busy.

Make time later

Even when you are busy, just get in touch with them to let them know you are there for them, and ask for a time convenient for both of you to get back later, so that you can peacefully talk and listen. Make a video call if possible. Especially when you are away, it is important to make time.

Send love

In times of grief, every act of love and compassion, no matter how big or small it is, restores unfathomable faith and strength in those suffering. Make their day a little brighter and smile a little bigger by sending them things they love — be it a bouquet, food or anything else.