When passion turns into a career

Lakshmi Priyanka's talent as a doodler, mandala creator and lyricist ensured opportunities kept knocking on her door

By Author  |  Published: 24th Aug 2019  9:15 pm

Do you believe social media is a platform which makes you an overnight star? Some would say yes as they may have experienced lots of benefits by being active on social networks. And it’s just the same with Lakshmi Priyanka who hails from Sathupally, Khammam.

Lakshmi came to Hyderabad in 2009 to complete her Master’s in IT, but she used to write poems as a hobby and started posting them on Facebook. These poems were shared by her friends which made music director Karthik Kodakandla offer her a chance to write lyrics for movies.

Later, she started writing songs for movies. People who are creative usually don’t stop at one particular thing. It’s the case with Lakshmi, who decided to quit her software job and enter into film industry; but, she also wanted to give vent to her hidden talent in art.

This travel freak is good with making Doodles and Mandalas. “Whenever I’m free, I keep painting different types of mandalas which is also my stress buster, I keep getting lots of ideas while doing this kind of art and I post them in Instagram under the name Messymind_Artsyhands,” says Lakshmi.

It’s not that easy to make mandalas as it takes about 6 to 8 hours to complete one, and lots of creativity is needed in this art, adds the artist. “Mandalas also help reduce your stress,” she says. Apart from this, she also creates doodles on magnet stickers for refrigerator doors and also on photo frames. The talented artist customises her pieces according to the customer’s demand and need.

Lakshmi has recently started conducting workshops in Fab India and is getting a good response for it. “I’m always happy to share the art which I know; it improves my skill while teaching somebody else,” concludes Lakshmi