When public appearances turn nightmarish for stars

Big Boss contestant Hina Khan's recent ordeal at a Mumbai mall proves that fans' extraordinary love has become a huge problem for celebrities

By Author  |  Published: 12th Jan 2018  11:20 pmUpdated: 13th Jan 2018  1:30 am
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It was only a few days ago when Bigg Boss 11 contestant and popular TV star Hina Khan was mobbed by fans at a shopping mall in Mumbai. The actor gave a public appearance along with three other contestants for live voting activity and it was nothing less than a nightmare for her when the crowd went berserk and things got out of hand. Though it is a known fact that fans love their favourite actor, the idea of being physical is unacceptable.

Not only Hina Khan but Bigg Boss season 7 winner and actor Gauahar Khan, actors Samantha Ruth Prabhu, Katrina Kaif, Sonam Kapoor, Sonakshi Sinha and several others also faced similar situation.

Screen grabs of videos showing Hina Khan (left) and Samantha Ruth Prabhu (Right) being mobbed

With the interactions between public figures and audience becoming normal nowadays, it is easy for anyone to meet and approach the stars they love. But the question is, how can people misbehave with someone they admire? What measures celebrities take to protect themselves and deal with situations when things go wrong?

Talking to Tabloid Today about some of the incidents she personally faced and how she deals with crowd now, actor Lakshmi Manchu shares, “It was during a fund raising event of Hud-hud when I organised a public appearance of a colleague at Forum mall and it was very disheartening to see educated people take it as an opportunity to misbehave and manhandle.”

Lakshmi says that it was very disturbing and she realised then what working women go through when they take public transport. “And, my father has made a strict rule that we are not allowed to go out without our personal security,” she says.

“Public interactions being very common today, people think they can approach celebrities however they want to. Unfortunately, it is not possible to have control on the mob mentality but what we can do is to take safe measures before going to the place and confirm whether there are right number of people available to safeguard or not and I always follow it,” adds Lakshmi.

The actor adds that the kind of person she is, she would not keep quiet if someone tries to misbehave with her. She would definitely take action against that person and says that this does not only applies to celebrities but also to every woman. If there are a few wrong men in the society, then there are good human beings also who will take your side in that situation. One should never keep quiet and suffer, she shares.

“Earlier, I used shake hands with the audience but I don’t do it anymore, and adopted the traditional way of greeting people with a ‘namaste’, because irrespective of the gender, audience scratch hands. I understand the love they have for us but it is not something nice to accept. It happens not only with female celebrities but also with male,” she says.

Television actor Preeti Nigam says that she always makes sure that when there is a huge gathering of people, she takes a different route for entry and exit, and also makes sure that she has proper information about the safety measures taken for the event. “Recently, we went to Warangal for an event by Zee Telugu and the crowd was huge. So, we took a different route but people reached there too and we literally had to run,” Preeti adds.

“Where there are bad people, there are good ones too. The people who come to watch their favourite actor will never misbehave but if someone comes just for fun or to watch an actor, they might resort to such inhuman behaviour,” Preeti concludes.