When the goose goes calling…

A review of the Untitled Goose Game, a game without a title

By Author  |  Published: 19th Oct 2019  7:58 pm
goose goes calling…

This week’s game for review was difficult to decide on, the initial choices Borderlands 3 and FIFA 20 failed to enthuse me. While Borderlands 3 was very much like the previous entries in the franchise, FIFA 20’s gameplay was both inconsistent and erratic to consider. As I debated on what game to finally review, I came across the novel indie adventure Untitled Goose Game. As I contemplated if a game without a title could be considered for a review a conversation with a fellow game connoisseur convinced me of it.

goose goes calling…Since my decision to review the game, the popularity of the game has skyrocketed, and it has begun to be touted as a worthy contender for indie game of the year. With a simple premise and no title; this is a game that allows you to become an annoying goose that is out to get people in a variety of scenarios.

The game expects you to go around honking, disrupting and meddling in other people’s business to the largest possible extent. The reactions of people to your antics can be quite amusing as you wonder the extent to which one can go before an NPC picks up a gun and goes kaboom! (happens at no point in the game thankfully).



In terms of design, there is a clean aesthetic appeal to the game and the sandbox game-space is very well designed. The attention to detail is extremely high as you can engage with most elements in spaces from produce growing in farms to huge objects, this goose can move them all.


The challenges are mostly time based and are crossed off in a neat fashion on a sheet of single ruled paper; something that gives the entire game a very satisfactory feel.With little to no background music and the sheer silence disrupted by the goose’s call; this is one game that allows you to be at your annoying best. Strongly recommended for people who would like to blow off some steam!

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