Where is the Venkatalakshmi: This horror-comedy tale goes haywire

Director: Kishore Kumar; Cast: Ram Karthik, Raai Lakshmi, Pujitha Ponnada, Praveen, Madhunandan; Music: Hari Gaura

By Author  |  Published: 15th Mar 2019  4:01 pm
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The story revolves around two mischievous village youth, Chantigadu (Praveen) and Pandugadu (Madhunandan), whose daily routine is to waylay villagers and poke fun of them. If at all, these troublemakers had to listen to Bellampally village’s diktat, Shekar (Ram Karthik) is the only trusted friend who could rescue these boys from the wrath of furious villagers who lost patience after becoming frequent victims of numerous pranks. However, the friendship with Shekar goes sour due to a mistake both the boys commit in uniting Shekar and his girlfriend (Pujitha Ponnada).

At the same time, Venkatalakshmi (Raai Lakshmi) just drops in at the village to join as a teacher in the government school. Bewitched by her beauty, Chanti and Pandu make every attempt to impress her. They provide a lavish house to live and every need of Venkatalakshmi is addressed within no time. As a result, both of them deeply contemplate to marry her. But very soon, Chanti and Pandu get a shock of their life when they come to know that Venkatalakshmi is not a human but a spirit with desperate goal to win over ruthless villain Veerareddy of neighbouring village Nagampeta.

How these mischievous boys will become a lifeline for the villagers? What happens to Venkatalakshmi forms the crux of the story.

Coming to the technical details, debutant Kishore Kumar shot most of the scenes in the picturesque locales of delta region of Godavari in coastal Andhra. Raai Lakshmi as a ghost, gives her best for her role as Venkatlakshmi. However, there seem to be no edge-of-the-seat moments as far as horror is concerned with the most of the scenes appearing amateurish. Coming to the comedy part, both Praveen and Madhunandan infuse life to the story with their humour and good timing.

Ram Karthik does his best for the role while Pujitha offers a good competition to Raai Lakshmi who enthrall the audience as Athili papa. The music is rendered by Hari Gaura.