Whimsical superstitions to make your blood run cold

The day of reckoning, Friday the 13th has finally arrived

By Author  |  Published: 12th Sep 2019  9:26 pmUpdated: 26th Sep 2019  6:25 pm

Numbers and combinations of numbers have always held an appeal for different faiths and cultures across the globe. Some numbers are seen as deeply mystical and some end up gaining cryptic significance. There are also those which are considered auspicious, inauspicious and end up with a negative connotation. Friday the 13th has such a connotation.

Friday the 13th is a day that is marked with superstitions and intriguing urban legends and is seen as a day when ‘bad things just happen’. What actually started as a Western superstition associated with the day has spread across the globe.

Seen as a harbinger of bad luck, the urban legend is said to have ended up in formations of secret societies apart from becoming a plot device for many novels and even ushering in an entire genre of films.

Whimsical superstitions

The day has indeed led to many beliefs, from knocking on the wood three times to tossing salt across the shoulder. It’s not just Hollywood which was inspired by it, world over filmmakers have made many movies based on the urban legend.

For most of recorded human history, the number 13 was associated with Jesus and his 12 disciples, the evening of the Last Supper, which found all 13 of them assembled together, with Judas being received as the 13th guest.

The story of the Last Supper also coincides with a similar story in the Norse myth where Loki crashed a Valhalla dinner party as the 13th guest, bringing immediate chaos and destruction with him.Over the years, many concepts have become entrenched within this whimsical day which can make one bite their lip in terror.

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