Why Hyderabadis feel sleepy at work

Survey reveals why many people are compromising with their sleep

By   |  Published: 27th May 2018  7:04 pmUpdated: 27th May 2018  7:05 pm

Over 80 per cent Indians feel sleepy at work at least thrice a week, 32 per cent wake up feeling tired and 17 per cent believe they have insomnia! If all these figures do not convince you that there’s something wrong in the way Indians snooze, maybe you need to sleep over your doubts.

The survey by Wakefit, interviewed over 7,500 respondents across India over three months, to find out why we are collectively growing more tired every day. The initial survey has been conducted over a diverse range of respondents — 71 per cent being married, 26 per cent single and 3 per cent in a phase when we lose the most sleep, i.e., in a relationship. The seven metro cities of Bengaluru, Delhi, Gurugram, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata formed 69 per cent of respondents, with 81 per cent of them from the 25-44 years age group.

Wakefit’s survey revealed that 1 per cent of people sleep after midnight and 59 per cent sleep after 11 pm, while it is recommended that regular sleeping time should be around 10-10:30 pm for restful sleep in alignment with our circadian rhythms.

Inevitably, this leads to a late and tired beginning to a day, as stated by over 26 per cent people, who have admitted to waking up after 8 am. In terms of night-owls, however, Mumbai takes the honours, with over 69 per cent sleeping well after 11 pm.

Almost one-thirds of people, at 31%, get less than 7 hours of sleep, while 27% of those below 18 years get only 6 hours of sleep, which is all the more harmful during their crucial growth phase. Furthermore, 11% of women get only 5-6 hours of sleep, which does not bode well for the health of the entire family. In terms of cities, Gurugram and Kolkata get the least sleep, with 38% of its citizens dozing off for 6-7 hours!

In Hyderabad, over 43 per cent suffer from back pain, 83 per cent of people feel sleepy at work, 15 per cent are suffering from insomnia, 27 per cent watch TV before sleeping, 35 per cent go to bed post midnight and 14 per cent wake up after 9 am.

Among the reasons for late bedtime is watching content on smartphones and TVs. While 25 per cent respondents said watching shows and web series on phones and TV kept them awake, 19 per cent keep working till the wee hours on their laptops, while 19 per cent continuously checked their social media feeds.