Why should you train with a fitness expert?

It is important to have the right guidance when you workout

By Author  |  Published: 8th Aug 2017  11:00 pmUpdated: 9th Aug 2017  12:00 am

Simple workouts like jogging, running do not need any supervision. But if you are planning to get into some really serious exercise mode, then it is better to have a trainer to monitor you. There are certain things only a fitness trainer can understand and explain better. They are an authority and can drive you in the right direction as well.

There’s no harm in taking a little guidance to become fit; it only proves to be beneficial. City-based fitness trainer, Rakesh Rathod from RK Body and Soul shares with the readers the advantages of having a fitness trainer.

Form and technique

It is very important to get the right postures when you are working out. And a fitness trainer helps you get that. Rakesh says that the trainer knows how to get them right. “There are chances that without a trainer, one can overdo certain exercises which can be risky,” he shares. Rakesh mentions that a trainer can give tips to ease out on how body flexibility plays a prominent role in the workouts.

Realistic goals

One should always have realistic goals. Everyone would be excited in the beginning, but it is also important to have some targets. “A trainer can help you set these achievable targets,” says Rakesh. He mentions that doing anything without proper planning is not advisable. Rakesh shares that sometimes people are also discouraged if they are not able to achieve what they wanted. “A fitness trainer plays a perfect role to get them back on track and put them on the routine,” Rakesh adds.

Nutritional advice

Fitness trainers also play a double role in your life. Rakesh says that they can guide trainees on what to eat and what not to eat. “There are some things that one should follow before and after a workout, and fitness trainer is that one who can introduce you to it,” he shares. Rakesh mentions that nutrition plays a prominent role in workout as well. He says that there are specific diets that one can follow too when working out and you can prepare these diet charts with the trainer’s help.