Will Prabhas be ‘Bollywood Badshah’ after Saaho?

The trailer launch of the Baahubali actor's upcoming movie saw him hogging the limelight

By Author  |  Published: 12th Aug 2019  8:51 pmUpdated: 13th Aug 2019  3:42 pm
Endless flashes

“Some marked moments spell excitement. Such one for me was when Chiranjeevi called and congratulated after watching the trailer of Saaho. I reckon his wishes to be the greatest one. Chiranjeevi wholeheartedly appreciated and praised our work,” said ‘Mr. Baahubali’, Prabhas.

After a long time, Prabhas appeared in front of the media under the endless flashes of countless cameras. On the eve of the trailer release of Saaho slated for release on August 30, Prabhas was seen hogging the limelight, along with the leading lady Shraddha Kapoor, and Vamsy and Vinod, the banner heads of UV Creations.

The trailer showing the most awesome visuals articulated by brilliant lighting and angles just dazzled everyone present at the venue. After Baahubali bombarded the box offices cutting across the country, Prabhas made his presence felt in almost all languages touching the pinnacle of popularity.

Now, Saaho has already afforded to demonstrate its mammoth size with respect to the budget, making values and the marathon time involving champions in every craft of cinema. At a time when the whole country is waiting with bated breath for the result that Saaho can bring at the box office, a curious question stirred everybody.

Will Prabhas emerge as the ‘Bollywood Badshah’ as expected by all. With a blush, Prabhas replied, “Oh my God, already Baahubali forced me to carry a huge burden. In the making process of Saaho, at every turn, the image that Baahubali heaped on me coerced us to enlarge the dimensions to match the previous film. Now, the sound of ‘Bollywood Badshah’ itself makes me quiver,” said Prabhas.

Discussing other details of the film, Prabhas explained that they depended more on the merit of screenplay than on the straight content of the story since Baahubali already dominated the Indian screens.Appreciating the skill of director Sujeet, Prabhas went on to say that they could not believe Sujeet’s resourcefulness in handling actors and technicians without any strain, for his age. “We invested not only budget, which kept on escalating stage by stage, but also our hope, confidence and faith all together,”reiterated Prabhas.

Speaking on the occasion, the leading lady of the movie Shraddha Kapoor sounded exuberant and said that she considers herself lucky to be paired opposite a hero like Prabhas. “When I knew about the opportunity, I immediately said okay. It was only because of Prabhas. I enjoyed sharing sets with him every day. I hope my first film in Telugu will taste a delicious result at the box office. Hyderabad eventually became my second home. I hope that Saaho will fetch me more chances in Telugu,” Shraddha said.