Women more likely to adopt fat diets: Study

By   |  Published: 24th Oct 2018  1:01 am

Hyderabad:  Women in Hyderabad are more likely to adopt weight loss regimen then men, an outcome of a study conducted by online doctor consultation platform DocOnline in Hyderabad said.

The study conducted among 10,000 customers from Hyderabad, between April and September, said that women are also three times more prone to obesity than men.

“Due to sedentary lifestyle and irregular eating habits, women face numerous problems including failing menstrual cycles and failure to conceive,” the report said.

According to the study, 60 per cent of the obese women were keen to adopt weight-loss measures against 30 per cent of men who fall in the overweight category.

The DocOnline report acknowledged the growing influence of internet and availability of curated and non-curated content, which is leading people to adopt unhealthy weight-loss practices.

“Slow weight loss is the healthy and best way to go. Not only it’s easier to maintain but is also highly effective. People who take to weight-loss diets and exercises must realise that those who lose weight too fast, will only end up gaining it faster,” Dr. Latha, Consultant Physician, DocOnline said.

The study said that crash diets leave the carbs out and add excessive amounts of protein in each meal. But, consumption of more proteins could result in developing unwanted complications like kidney stones.